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About us
In ancient Rome, intercession was a veto imposed by a magistrate on the actions and decisions of another, equal to him, magistrate. This served as a guarantee of the fairness of the adopted decisions and a guarantee against abuse of power.
Intercessia LLC was established in 2002 in the structure of the large holding "Chastnoe Pravo", which has been operating in the legal services market since 1993.
The purpose of the company was to provide legal support to private and corporate clients in resolving issues related to real estate rights and investment projects. Narrow specialization allowed Intercessia to achieve success in the shortest time and to take an independent position in the legal services market.

The lawyers of the company are noted in the international rating Best Lawyers in the category Construction and Real estate.
Customer reviews
Kostin M.V.
I would like to thank the lawyers of Intercessia for many years of cooperation and legal assistance, high quality of services provided and excellent organizational work! Your desire for the best result, strict compliance with contractual obligations and the ability to find a compromise in pricing policy invariably leave a pleasant feeling from working with lawyers. Special thanks to Zhanna Alexandrova for the legal analysis of the transaction and participation in the negotiations! Further success and prosperity to you
PJSC "Mosenergo"
PJSC "Mosenergo" expresses gratitude to the employees of LLC "Intercession" for the rendered legal services, including representation of the company on issues related to real estate. We would like to thank you and your company's employees for the attentive attitude to the client's needs and the qualified provision of the necessary legal services. The services were provided at the proper level, which testifies to the high standards of work of Intercession LLC.
Dronov A.B.
We wish you constant prosperity, wonderful clients, reliable partners! The main guarantee of your company's success has been and remains a team - a team of professionals who know and love their job, who are able to solve the most difficult problems, who have unique experience and an unconventional approach! We look forward to further cooperation and sincerely wish the entire team health, wisdom, good luck and success! We look forward to further cooperation and sincerely wish the entire team health, wisdom, good luck and success!
Phone: +7 495 684-90-55
101000,Moscow, Myasnickaya st. , 24/7, block .3, office 438