Legal advice in the field of IT
Services for the incorporation of Russian IT companies and companies involved in the development of microelectronics and component base in the jurisdiction of the Republic of Cyprus
To ensure sustainable development of national companies abroad, and leveling the legal risks arising in the course of their activities, we offer our clients services for the incorporation of Russian IT companies in the jurisdictions of other states, in particular, the Republic of Cyprus. For instance, by registering a parent company in the jurisdiction of the Republic of Cyprus, the created intellectual property object will be protected by the English legal system, which, according to many leading experts, is the fairest legal system of all existing ones. At the same time, business ties of such companies with Russia are not lost, and through certain legal procedures they sell their products here, including participation in procurement procedures regulated by both 223-Federal Law and 44-Federal Law.
Incorporation of a Russian IT company in the jurisdiction of another state also serves the purpose of rationalizing the movement of financial flows and preferential taxation, including when paying dividends, royalties, etc.
We also provide such companies with services for the search and attraction of investment funds as well as the search for a strategic investor, with the subsequent registration of the procedure for selling the business.

We will analyze your needs and give advice on choosing a jurisdiction, taking into account the specifics of an existing or planned business and your tasks, including advice on jurisdictions with preferential taxation.
We will develop a model for the most effective use of the company depending on the tasks set including: territorial development of the business, protection of the assets of the business and its owners, holding structuring, structuring of partnerships, preparation of the business to attract foreign investments or sell a ready-made business to a strategic investor.
Upon request, we can provide services:
  • On the creation of a foreign company, including using a nominee service, including the preparation of the necessary corporate documents, support for registration procedures in the authorized bodies of the selected jurisdiction, opening a current account in the relevant bank
  • Full legal and consulting support for the activities of a foreign company, including the necessary corporate procedures, and support for economic and financial transactions, including an annual audit of the company if necessary.
  • On registration of rights to created objects of intellectual property.
Provision of legal services to support procurement procedures for IT companies and attract government subsidies
Services in support of procurement procedures for IT companies.

An analysis of the economic situation in the Russian Federation in recent years allows us to make the assumption that funds are adequately concentrated in state or near state corporations and organizations. Registration of contractual obligations with such customers, to a greater extent, implies participation in procurement procedures carried out in accordance with 44-Federal Law and 223-Federal Law.
Procurement procedures are a time consuming process. Preparation and participation in the procedure must be accompanied by competent specialists in order to avoid the occurrence of negative consequences for the participant, including non-admission of the participant to the procedure due to formal errors made at the stage of filing.

With significant experience in supporting procurement procedures, we offer legal services in the following areas:

  • Support for the inclusion of the software of an IT company in the register;
  • Monitoring of purchases of goods, works, services sold by an IT company;
  • Filling in the tender documentation;
  • Preparation and filing of objections regarding the results of the procurement held in OFAS;
  • Representing the interests of an IT company in court in cases of challenging the decisions of the Federal Antimonopoly Service.
Providing legal services for attracting government subsidies for IT companies.
The overwhelming majority of investments in the activities of IT companies in Russia are government subsidies allocated from the federal budget of the Russian Federation and the budgets of its constituent entities. Sometimes private companies also hold competitions for the provision of grants and other financial support to applicants, but such examples are in the minority.

Budget subsidies are provided by the state not directly, but through authorized federal executive bodies, executive bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation or organizations (Skolkovo, RDIF, IIDF and others).

We offer the following services to support the participation of an IT company in the competition for attracting financial support:

  • Monitoring of announced and ongoing competitions in the IT industry;
  • Audit of an IT company for compliance of the project with the requirements of competitive selection;
  • Preparation of tender documentation (financial model, project description, investment attractiveness of the project, project roadmap, other documentation);
  • Preparation and ordering of the necessary documentation (certificates from the Federal Tax Service, USRLE, EFRSB, FSSP, credit organizations);
  • Risk analysis of the subsidy agreement;
  • Registration of the results of intellectual activity created within the framework of the competition;
  • Preparation of reports on the use of budgetary appropriations.
Provision of legal services in the field of blogging
Blogging today is a demanded and highly paid profession. It is common practice to create content and generate income from this activity.
At the same time, a blogger should remember the need to comply with both rules of the platform itself on which the content is posted, and the legislation of the state in whose territory he is engaged in business.
It is important to note that the content created by bloggers is, to a large extent, intellectual property. In this regard, a number of questions arise about how to protect what a blogger does (videos, courses, posts, brand name, new solutions), and how to prevent violations of the rights of third parties. This block of questions can be attributed to one of the most important - how to protect your account from illegal blocking, prohibition of its use, and other negative consequences from a legal point of view.
Since the overwhelming percentage of any blogger's income comes from advertising integrations, there are acute questions about the need to pay taxes and avoid violations of advertising legislation. When acting as an advertising distributor, bloggers need to comply with the prohibitions established by the internal policy of the service, for example, YouTube or Instagram, as well as prohibitions and restrictions established by the legislation of the state whose residents are targeted (Russian Federation, CIS countries, etc.)

With significant experience in the field of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of content creators for Internet sites, we offer legal services in the following areas:

Tax direction

  • Legal support in business legalization (registration as self-employed, opening an individual entrepreneur, LLC, consulting on the choice of tax regime);
  • Assistance in the process of preparation and submission of reports;
  • Representation of interests in the process of interaction with the Federal Tax Service (challenging additional charges, decisions to block an account, decisions to restrict the blogger's activities, bringing to administrative responsibility);
  • Representation of interests in court (appeal against decisions and actions of the Federal Tax Service in court, disputes with the Federal Tax Service, etc.)

Advertising direction

  • Consulting on compliance with advertising legislation;
  • Audit of advertising integrations for the absence of violations of advertising legislation;
  • Representing the interests of a blogger in the FAS Russia in case of bringing to administrative responsibility for violation of advertising legislation;
  • Representing the interests of a blogger in court in cases of challenging decisions of the FAS Russia on an admitted violation of advertising legislation.

Intellectual property

  • Registration of intellectual property objects (patent protected objects (design, 3-d technologies), trademarks (service marks);
  • Audit of the blogger's content for infringement of the intellectual rights of third parties;
  • Audit of third-party content for infringement of the blogger's intellectual rights;
  • Representing the interests of a blogger in the Chamber for Patent Disputes, courts for disputes on the protection of intellectual rights;
  • Audit of the blogger's content for compliance with the terms of use of the platform (YouTube, Instagram);
  • Legal assistance in the preparation of complaints about copyright infringement or objections to complaints sent to the platform (YouTube, Instagram).
Судебное представительство
Мы оказываем услуги судебного представительства более 18 лет. Наша команда имеет богатый судебный опыт в сфере арбитражного, гражданского, третейского судопроизводства. Мы представляем интересы клиентов в судах различных субъектов Российской Федерации, оспариваем решения на разных судебных стадиях рассмотрения дел, ведем споры с частными лицами и организациями, имеем опыт оспаривания решений и действий государственных органов.

Спектр наших услуг включает в себя:

  • Правовой анализ документов и доказательств, разработка правовой позиции, анализ рисков и механизмов защиты;

  • Подготовка и направление претензий и и иные досудебные процедуры

  • Предъявление иска в суде или защита от предъявленного клиенту иска,

  • Представление интересов клиента на всех стадиях производства, включая обжалование судебных актов и исполнительное производство.