Lawyer gave advice on online voting for residents in Russia
Kirill Stus, Head of Practice at Intercessia Law Firm, gave advice on how to conduct online voting for residents in Russia.
The lawyer spoke about the scheme of the online meeting of residents in Russia
Kirill Stus, head of practice at the Intercession law firm, told Izvestia how to conduct online voting for residents in Russia.
An application for an OSS is considered within five working days
Note: online voting by homeowners

The norms of the Housing Code for holding a general meeting of owners (hereinafter referred to as "OSS") are the same throughout Russia. In May 2020, a law came into force in Russia simplifying the transition to the electronic form of conducting the OSS.

With the adoption of Federal Law No. 156-FZ dated 25.05.2020 "On Amendments to the Housing Code of the Russian Federation and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation", residents of apartment buildings in the capital may hold a general meeting of owners in the "Electronic House" project without prior approval at a meeting in person.

However, only the owner of the premises in the house, a representative of the management organization or the Capital Repair Fund can initiate a meeting. In order to create a survey or OSS, you need to go to the "Polls / Meetings of owners" section and select the desired function. The owner organizing the OSS must indicate his data on the website (full name and apartment number), these data will be visible to the OSS participants. When filling out an application for an OSS, you must select the Meeting Administrator, select the time and dates for the OSS, determine the procedure for the administrator to accept decisions and post messages.

After completing the procedure, a page with a ready-made message about the meeting of homeowners will appear, as well as the minutes of the meeting. All data will be generated based on the data you entered when creating the OSS. The message will contain all the necessary information about the meeting, determined by the RF Housing Code, is an official document and must be posted in a place accessible to all owners.

An application for an OSS is considered within five working days. The announcement that the meeting is planned will be published on the website of the "Electronic House" ten days before the vote.

If the owner cannot or does not want to take part in the meeting of owners, then he has the right to refuse, but no later than 5 days before the start of the meeting.

The portal informs the initiator of the meeting about refusals, and if the refusals of attendance exceed 50%, then such a meeting will be canceled.

Each region of Russia will have its own platform for the OSS. In Moscow it is "Electronic House".