Let's do without an accountant: small business loses banking secrecy
The Federal Tax Service wants to calculate taxes for small businesses on its own, exposing entrepreneurs to a ready-made receipt. This can make life easier, but it comes at the cost of giving up banking secrecy.
The new proposals of the Federal Tax Service will simplify reporting for small and medium-sized businesses
At this stage, the document of the Federal Tax Service is just being blueprinted; changes may be made to it after a dialogue with the expert community and representatives of different industries. The new tax regime for small and medium-sized businesses is a complex project that softens the operating conditions for businesses and allows in the long term to save on tax payments, however, it must be understood that an increase in the tax rate on activities by four percentage points may not be beneficial for all areas. Even if you are exempt from paying insurance premiums for yourself and your employees. Probably, this issue will be further worked out.

The most important aspect for business is a new tax calculation scheme based on information and information on cash desks, which the FTS will receive directly from banks, and the fact that only non-cash transactions made through a current account or cash office will be considered expenses. In addition, companies will be able to save money on exemption from accounting and tax accounting, filing reports under the simplified taxation system, personal income tax, and insurance premiums. It took a long time, and those companies that did not have experienced employees on their staff received instructions and fines for not submitting reports on time.

In order for the actions of the tax authorities to be justified, and for entrepreneurs to have the opportunity to track information about the information provided by the bank, a number of adjustments can be made to the legislation. But you need to understand that the Federal Tax Service could previously request information from the bank about a particular operation in order to carry out its activities to prevent the emergence of fraudulent schemes. Fundamentally, nothing will change for small and medium-sized businesses.

The new proposals of the Federal Tax Service will simplify reporting for small and medium-sized businesses, reduce the tax burden on them, and at the same time make the work of SMEs more transparent. Honestly working entrepreneurs will continue to work as before and will be able to manage their money more efficiently, and there will be fewer loopholes for businesses that use gray schemes.