It was inevitable: the beginnings of a mortgage crisis were marked in Russia
Rampant demand for housing, caused by preferential mortgages, is beginning to bear bitter "fruits". Real estate market participants note a sharp increase in the number of encumbered apartments for sale.
After obtaining consent from the bank, mortgage housing can be sold to the buyer in several ways
Mortgage real estate can be sold in the same way as free from any encumbrances, but subject to certain conditions.

A mortgage apartment is a full-fledged object of civil rights. However, in view of the fact that it is pledged by the bank, the person selling such real estate should contact the bank and find out whether the credit institution agrees to such an alienation.

After obtaining consent from the bank, mortgage housing can be sold to the buyer in several ways:

1. the buyer pays the cost of the apartment to the seller, and the seller independently extinguishes the mortgage to the bank;

2. The mortgage is paid during the transaction by the buyer himself (the funds are transferred directly to the bank), and the seller receives an amount in excess of the mortgage debt;

3. Mortgage property is purchased by the buyer with a mortgage from a bank. A new loan transaction is concluded, the object of which will be the seller's mortgage apartment;

4. Mortgage real estate is sold by the credit institution itself.

When buying an apartment encumbered with a mortgage, the buyer should definitely know whether the bank agreed to sell the apartment by the seller, whether the real estate was encumbered with the rights of third parties (other than the bank), as well as which of the following methods the apartment is being sold.

This information will help mitigate the risks of future claims from the bank and third parties in relation to the buyer of real estate.