Russia has toughened the punishment for premeditated bankruptcy
From this moment on, the responsibility of the insolvency administrator, as well as the liquidator for illegal actions in bankruptcy, increases.
It is possible to prove deliberate bankruptcy through an examination
Speaker's quote: Kirill Stus, Head of Practice, Intercessia Law Firm - Deliberate bankruptcy with the subsequent alienation of material assets in favor of controlled commercial structures poses a real threat to Russian business and the economy as a whole. It is noteworthy that the bill provides for the release of the person involved from liability in the event that the person involved has committed this offense for the first time, will actively cooperate with the investigating authorities and "turn over" the beneficiaries. It is possible to prove deliberate bankruptcy through an examination. It allows you to identify the reasons that led to the debtor's insolvency, and most importantly, it allows you to establish whether his actions were intentional.