For Corporate Clients
Legal representation
We have been providing legal representation services for over 18 years. Our team has extensive litigation experience in the field of arbitration and civil proceedings. We represent the interests of our clients in the courts of various constituent entities of the Russian Federation by chalenging, decisions at different judicial stages of consideration of cases, conducting disputes with individuals and organizations, and we have experience in challenging decisions and actions of state bodies.

The range of our services includes:

  • Legal analysis of documents and evidence, development of a legal position, analysis of risks and protection mechanisms;
  • Preparation and submission of claims and other pre-trial procedures
  • Filing court claims or defending against claims brought against a client
  • Representation of the client's interests at all stages of the proceedings, including the appeal of judicial acts and enforcement proceedings.
Support of transactions with assets (Due Diligence)
Legal support of investment projects has been a key area of ​​activity for Intercessia since its inception.
We provide comprehensive protection and support at all stages of the asset acquisition transaction.

Investment project support in Russia includes:

  • Drawing up a regulation for supporting an investment project;
  • Financial analysis and audit;
  • Analysis of the legal component of the project, development of business schemes, identification of risks;
  •  Calculation of possible risks, including taxes and proposals for their minimization;
  • Development of optimal options for project implementation;
  • Development of contracts and all documents necessary for the implementation of the project;
  • Representing the client's interests in negotiations and agreeing on the terms of cooperation with counterparties;
  •  Legal support at the stage of the investment project implementation (preparation of necessary transactions with movable / immovable property, shares / shares);
  • Resolving controversial issues, including court representation;
  • Resolving issues in the field of corporate and tax law;
  • Legal support at the stage of completion of an investment project, including state registration of the right to a real estate object;
  •  Business management scheme development;
  • Representation of clients' interests in projects with the participation of federal government bodies, constituent entities of the Russian Federation and local government bodies;
  •  Consulting on all issues arising during the preparation for the implementation of the project and ongoing consulting during its implementation.
Bankruptcy of a legal entity is a lengthy process, however, participation in it both on the side of the debtor and on the side of the creditor must be controlled with the involvement of professionals, otherwise negative financial consequences may arise.
Intercessia LLC attorneys are ready to accompany the entire bankruptcy process, speak on behalf of the Client in courts and meetings, draw up the necessary legal documentation, participate in negotiations, and also exercise control over the execution of judicial acts issued in the framework of the bankruptcy case.

For Lenders:
  •  Development of a legal position in the framework of a bankruptcy case, including at any stage;
  •  Representation of interests in court hearings in a bankruptcy case;
  •  Analysis and inclusion of creditors 'claims in the register of creditors' claims of the debtor;
  •  Analysis of the debtor's transactions revealed in the course of bankruptcy and their appeal in court, counteraction to the withdrawal, theft of assets;
  •  Revealing the grounds and bringing to the subsidiary liability of the persons controlling the debtor in order to pay off the debt to the creditors at their expense;
  •  Bringing the bankruptcy commissioner to justice upon revealing the facts of causing losses to the debtor by his actions;
  • Appealing against illegal actions of the bankruptcy commissioner;
  •  Negotiating the sale of the client's claims against the debtor;
  •  Participation in the meeting of the debtor's creditors on behalf of the creditor;
  •  Preparation of settlement agreements in the framework of a bankruptcy case;

For Debtors:
  • Elaboration of a set of measures to minimize the debtor's risks in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Analysis of the financial, accounting and other documentation of the debtor in order to determine the risks of appealing the debtor's transactions by creditors in a bankruptcy case;
  • Preparation and submission to the court of claims for debt collection from the debtor's counterparties;
  • Carrying out an independent assessment of the value of the debtor's assets within the framework of bankruptcy;
  •  Participation on behalf of the debtor in all bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Preparation of a set of measures to protect against unfounded claims of creditors;
  • Challenging applications for inclusion of claims in the register of creditors' claims;
  • Preparing a plan to pay off debt to creditors and agreeing it with the debtor;
  • Analysis of the possibility and procedures for withdrawing the debtor from bankruptcy while preserving the business and assets;
  • Development of a mechanism to protect the interests of the debtor when the creditors contest transactions;
  • Consulting the debtor on issues related to bankruptcy;
  • Representing the interests of the debtor in negotiations with creditors on the issue of debt settlement;
  • Participation in the meeting of the debtor's creditors on behalf of the debtor;
  • Preparation of settlement agreements in the framework of a bankruptcy case;
Tax practice
Our team carefully develops and proposes the most effective tax solutions. In addition to consulting on tax law, Intercessia LLC accompanies various projects in the field of corporate law, M&A, banking and finance, insolvency (bankruptcy), real estate, labor law. Tax opinions and recommendations are complemented by a description of the legal consequences and risks associated with the implementation of the intended strategy.

Our services:

  • Consulting on tax aspects of M&A transactions, as well as tax support for public offering of securities (IPO)
  • Consulting on tax issues of setting up and liquidating a business in Russia
  • Consulting on tax aspects of corporate restructuring
  • Tax due diligence of commercial, financial and investment agreements
  • Advising financial and non-financial organizations on tax aspects of project financing
  •  Preliminary assessment of the tax implications of the proposed transactions
  • Transfer pricing consulting
  • Pre-trial and court settlement of tax disputes
  • Consulting on tax issues of the acquisition and sale of real estate in Russia and abroad
  • Advising non-residents on tax aspects of investing in the Russian Federation
  • Advising Russian investment companies on investments abroad
  • Consulting on the payment of contributions for compulsory social insurance
  • Assistance in the preparation of tax returns for legal entities and individuals (residents and non-residents)
  • Consulting on taxation of individuals
  • Advising on the application of legislation on controlled foreign companies (CFC)
  • Advising on the voluntary declaration of assets and bank accounts by individuals
Corporate law
The concept of a corporate dispute includes disputes over rights to shares, stocks or shares (including in case of hostile takeovers), on the exercise of these rights (for example, payment of dividends), on appealing decisions of general meetings of participants or shareholders on amendments to constituent documents ; as well as disputes related to the appointment or election of management bodies (directors), appeals against decisions made by them, challenging transactions made by them and / or recovering losses from them. The involvement of professional lawyers will enable legal entities to competently resolve legal issues in the course of corporate disputes. 

Corporate dispute resolution includes:

  • Study of the submitted materials and legal analysis of the situation that has arisen; formation of a legal position, drawing up an action plan aimed at resolving the arisen dispute in the interests of the client;
  • Taking actions aimed at settling a corporate dispute amicably (for example, negotiating, preparing and submitting claims);
  • Collection of evidence base;
  • Preparation and submission of a statement of claim to the court with all attachments;
  • Preparation and submission of other procedural documents (statements, petitions, amicable agreements, reviews, explanations);
  • Representation in courts of first, appeal, cassation and supervisory instance;
  • Representation of the interests of the customer in the course of enforcement proceedings.
Land disputes, real estate, construction
Our land and real estate lawyers provide a wide range of services, namely:
  • Oral and written legal advice on land issues and disputes and issues of real estate turnover;
  • Negotiating with government agencies in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia;
  • Assistance in registration of subsoil use;
  • Legal support in registration of rights to commercial real estate objects, land plots, including for construction purposes;
  • Accompanying the provision of state or municipal land plots for rent or ownership;
  • Establishment of easement in a judicial and extrajudicial order;
  • Legal support of transactions with commercial real estate objects, land plots (purchase and sale, exchange, donation, lease, mortgage, etc.);
  • The lawyers of our company conduct cases on challenging the seizure of land plots for state or municipal needs and cases on challenging the amounts of the proposed compensation;
  • Also, lawyers of our company conduct cases on challenging administrative penalties for violation of land legislation in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia. 
The team of professional lawyers of Intercessia LLC  provides full legal support for construction (including equity), reconstruction, restoration, overhaul of real estate objects, adaptation of cultural heritage objects, at the stages of development of pre-project and project documentation, registration of an act of permitted use, obtaining a construction permit, general contract, design, construction and installation, commissioning, commissioning, registration of ownership of the property.

Legal support for construction activities and development includes:

  • Preparation of legal opinions, certificates, recommendations on construction activities and development based on an analysis of regulatory legal documents in the field of civil, land, urban planning, environmental protection, business, administrative law;
  • Legal analysis of contracts (general contracting, contracts for the supply of equipment, acts of acceptance of work performed);
  • Legal analysis of documents in the field of construction and development;
  • Preparation of legal documents required by the customer during construction, reconstruction, restoration, overhaul (statements, applications, petitions, claims);
  • Negotiating with contractors;
  • Representing the interests of the customer in government agencies within the framework of legal support for construction activities, development;
  • Registration of newly created real estate objects (rights and transactions with them) in the Unified State Register of Rights to Real Estate and Transactions with It.
Intellectual property protection
Our company understands the value of creative and technological solutions as a promising asset and offers services for their competent protection against unauthorized use and copying.

Unfair competitors can cause irreparable damage to the organization's activities, which will result in serious financial losses, therefore, the assistance of a lawyer in protecting the intellectual rights of organizations, starting with registration support, ending with representing interests in court, is always relevant.
List of services:
  • Representation in courts in disputes related to the protection of intellectual property rights;
  • Representation in Russian and international bodies for intellectual property rights (Rospatent, Eurasian Patent Office, World Intellectual Property Organization)
  • Legal examination of rights to the results of intellectual activity;
  • Legal support for innovative activities;
  • Providing legal protection for trademarks, innovations and other objects of intellectual property;
  • Legal support in transactions related to licensing, the provision of franchises and other disposal of rights to the results of intellectual activity;
  • Conducting claims related to the protection of the rights of authors and other copyright holders.
Legal advice in the field of IT
Currently, the IT sector is the fastest growing in the economy of all countries. These companies often operate internationally. The most frequently arising legal issues in the activities of these companies: protection of intellectual property for software tools, microcircuits, new developments), as well as taxation issues.

Intercessia offers consulting for IT companies at all stages and offers the following services:

  • Development of a strategy for the organization and activities of the company from the stage of its creation to the stage of sale in various jurisdictions;
  • Tax planning of the company's activities, the choice of the tax regime;
  • Development of measures for intellectual security;
  • Protection of violated intellectual rights, including in litigation;
  • Search for an investor when selling a company;
  • Support and consulting on participation in procurement under 44-Federal Law and 223-Federal Law.
  • More information can be found in the Services for IT companies section.
Criminal defense
Our team offers the following range of services as part of advising on criminal defense matters:

  • Defense in criminal cases of any complexity
  • Ensuring information and legal security of business
  • Conducting a criminal audit and risk identification of enterprises in the normal course of business
  • Conducting legal investigations
  • Protecting the interests of enterprises during inspections by regulatory and law enforcement agencies
  • Conducting seminars and trainings on key issues and minimizing criminal law risks of business